July 18, 2022


Revisiting Cohesive Marketing

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Revisiting Cohesive Marketing
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Revisiting Cohesive Marketing

Jul 18 2022 | 00:22:40


Show Notes

Does your marketing have a defined purpose, structure, or place in the funnel? If not, then you should not be doing it because it’s ineffective, creates noise and uncertainty for prospective customers. Craig and Andy revisit cohesive marketing

There are stages that people go through to become a buyer. Andy has brainstormed and thought about focusing on marketing strategy, cohesive marketing, and content to make sure everything fits together in a funnel. 

Craig believes that every piece of content on his site is different and has a different job—not a one-size-fits-all approach. Content campaigns should be created to nurture, offer a lead magnet, and understand customer personas/segments.

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