November 30, 2021


Lessons Learned In Sales

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Lessons Learned In Sales
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Lessons Learned In Sales

Nov 30 2021 | 00:32:36


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about lessons they have learned in sales. Andy has minimal sales experience, while Craig has a ton of experience and continues to learn from others. 

Craig shares how 90 days have passed since his new account executives were onboarded. The salespeople learned foundational things since they came in to break things and pull Castos in a new direction. Also, they have taught Craig a few things about effective sales strategies.  

Andy, along with questions received from listeners, asks Craig for hiring guidance, the optimal way to sell a product, and salary plans for salespeople.

Hire people aligned with the type of product you sell and sales philosophy/approach to succeed. Also, the price point dictates how much time to spend with customers and still be profitable for salespeople to make a living. 

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