May 24, 2021


Onboarding Updates

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Onboarding Updates
Seeking Scale
Onboarding Updates

May 24 2021 | 00:22:51


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about making progress by providing onboarding updates for new employees and customers. 

Craig discusses improving the onboarding process and sequence for employees, which includes Sam, the new Head of Growth. He will start on Monday and brings senior-level experience generating revenue.  

As for onboarding customers, Craig has had challenges. Once some people sign up for Castos, they are not engaging or getting started. The problem is figuring out, why? Will live chat from Zendesk and an onboarding checklist from Hopscotch help? 

Andy suggests possible ways to help onboard customers, such as offer office hours and one-on-one support. Rather than focusing on ‘how’ to do something, provide ‘what’ to do next. 

Andy is not quite ready to develop an extensive and intentional onboarding process for new employees, but is making progress with content planning and process work.  

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