October 06, 2020


A Quick Intro

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
A Quick Intro
Seeking Scale
A Quick Intro

Oct 06 2020 | 00:27:10


Show Notes

In this introductory episode Andy and Craig give some backgrounds on their businesses, and current challenges they're working on overcoming.

Andy Baldacci runs SaberSim, a SaaS application that helps customers play better daily fantasy sports. Andy and his partners acquired the company just over a year ago and since that time have seen impressive growth. With many sports being paused because of Covid the business halted all payment collection from customers, setting their MRR to zero for a few months.

But now SaberSim is back on track and growing quickly again. Andy is facing challenges in hiring, managing product and team expectations, and balancing cashflow and growth tradeoffs.

Craig Hewitt is the founder of Castos, a podcast hosting and analytics platform. They're just over 3 years into the business and are a team of 7 full time people working on the app. Craig's big focus right now are a couple of integrations they're working on and finding ways to continue to optimize marketing channels that are already working for them.

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