February 04, 2022


Base Hits vs. Grand Slams

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Base Hits vs. Grand Slams
Seeking Scale
Base Hits vs. Grand Slams

Feb 04 2022 | 00:34:38


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about base hits and grand slams of product strategy decisions. How can improvements be made to priorities and productivity to make an impact and get results?   

Craig is trying to be a more vocal and present founder by making daily posts about fundraising, bookkeeping, cash runway, and sales information via Castos on LinkedIn using Buffer. Also, Craig announced that Castos closed last month with a 25% jump in revenue.

Andy made progress on getting things organized and closed some open loops at SaberSim. Several updates were made to the WordPress site months ago but were still on staging and needed to be moved to production. Andy uses Notion to clarify priorities and delegate tasks (refers to Getting Things Done and RICE: Simple prioritization for product managers).   

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