April 12, 2021


Onboarding Experiments

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Onboarding Experiments
Seeking Scale
Onboarding Experiments

Apr 12 2021 | 00:41:01


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about experimenting with product marketing tools/apps to onboard and guide new hires and customers. It’s worthwhile, but takes time and money to try new ways to keep people engaged and enthusiastic. 

Craig is feeling like a few more key people will round out things nicely at Castos, but the roles are not easy and trivial to fill. He focuses on what is urgent and time sensitive to not feel overwhelmed.  

Andy is experiencing the same kind of stress. His business continues to improve, but other things urgently need to get done. It wasn’t realistic to move forward while keeping the business on course. Getting more hands on board would obviously impact business revenue, but take Andy’s time to onboard people.

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