November 02, 2020


When And How To Hire

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
When And How To Hire
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When And How To Hire

Nov 02 2020 | 00:41:35


Show Notes

In this episode Andy and Craig talk about the decision making process of when to hire additional team members. Whether that's to the development team, support specialists, or in other business functions that we don't excel.

This is a decision (and balance) from a cashflow perspective too...especially for those businesses who have been profitable in the past and either have a monthly cashflow buffer or an amount of money in the bank that they can reinvest back into the business.

The end goal for both Andy and Craig is to hire experts in the various divisions with the company so that they as founders can do only things they enjoy, are best at, and get energized from.

Resources Mentioned:

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