September 20, 2021


What If

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
What If
Seeking Scale
What If

Sep 20 2021 | 00:28:31


Show Notes

Andy and Craig talk about what if you wake up every morning, ready to do your job? Once you cross the finish line and get big things done, do you need to do retrospectives and post-mortems of projects to be successful?

Craig’s teams do them after every sprint and they consist of discussing what do you want to start doing, stop doing, and do more of? Then, take action, prioritize, and tackle projects. 

Andy has taken a waterfall or agile approach to get everyone’s opinion and accept feedback. The key is to be more strategic and make changes by hiring the right people, especially once the craziness of football season subsides.

Growth Goal: If you don’t have time to get work done, hire specialists who can move forward. More people can get more things done, however, delegating trust to do things can make coordination and communication more difficult to move in the right direction.

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