October 25, 2021


Individual Contributor to Leader

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Individual Contributor to Leader
Seeking Scale
Individual Contributor to Leader

Oct 25 2021 | 00:23:43


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about whether they are ready to take the next step and control their own destiny by going from being individual contributors to leaders to build a bigger company faster.

The problems are different, but don’t get easier as a company grows. For founders and CEOs, changing responsibilities involves enabling, empowering, and delegating more stuff to more people more often. 

Craig updates listeners on Castos’s content marketing and SEO initiatives, including conversion optimization, lead nurturing, marketing to enable sales, and paid acquisition. For example, there’s an opportunity to take search results and traffic from blog posts to convert into trials.

Andy is stuck doing admin tasks but has bigger and better things to do. Some things don’t seem important as other things, but they need to get done. Andy knows asking for help or hiring would be worthwhile for his company, SaberSim.

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