July 26, 2021


Balance and Hiring Updates

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Balance and Hiring Updates
Seeking Scale
Balance and Hiring Updates

Jul 26 2021 | 00:25:55


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about taking time off, finding ways to recharge, and balancing their well-being by hiring resources to grow and move their businesses forward.

Craig had a difficult time finding and hiring a front-end developer. But he did make an offer to a female developer in Chile that was accepted. She will start on Aug. 1. She will mold her mad skills and experiences to existing processes at Castos.  

Also, Craig made offers to two account executives, which was a much more straightforward process. Simply set clear expectations and goals for sales and planning leads.

Andy knows and understands how difficult it is to bring on somebody to do something you have not done before. Working with contractors and agencies during a test phase can be super valuable. However, when should you increase the budget and take time to hire someone?

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