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Seeking Scale
Seeking Scale
The Box You're In

Andy talks about the good traction they’ve had recently that’s starting to show now. They just shipped a big update and received a great reaction to it. It came together faster than similar things have in the past. Craig explains that Castos launched a free set of tools that’s starting to get traction now. Andy asks Craig about navigating top-of-funnel challenges from people who don’t have a podcast from people who do. Craig explains what he’s focusing on and what the plan is for these tools and these customers. 

Craig and Andy explain the higher-tier product that they will be launching soon. The two of them discuss the relative merits of grandfathering existing customers when prices change, with Craig strongly advocating for the benefit of grandfathering. He says that it’s beneficial both because of the business’s churn and from a company culture standpoint.

Craig explains that the business is what the business is, and they need to just lean into it, because there are things that can’t be changed without becoming a completely different business. Andy says that it is possible to play by a different set of rules. Craig and Andy also discuss where to go to get good insights.