March 15, 2021


The Intersection of Dev and Product

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
The Intersection of Dev and Product
Seeking Scale
The Intersection of Dev and Product

Mar 15 2021 | 00:37:01


Show Notes

Use it or lose it?! Everyone has expectations of work/life balance and needs a break once in a while to recharge, even though most of them don’t feel like they can totally unplug from the business. 

Craig and Andy talk about company culture related to its impact on the intersection of dev and product. 

Andy doesn’t think vacation days should be mandatory. Know your superpower and what to do. Find a sustainable balance, so you don’t slow down development or disappoint customers. 

Craig agrees that balance is important, but it should include reducing stress and taking time off. Don’t be a bottleneck and lead by example to intentionally get the right people onboard.

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