Seeking Scale - Technology

The Most Dangerous Movement In SaaS

Andy and Craig talk about product-led growth being the most dangerous movement in SaaS startups. To convert, a product needs to be built that is relevant to the intent of SEO for growth-led products that deliver on what’s promised.    Andy rants about a tweet on product-led growth companies building products that sell themselves. However, Andy … Read more

Current Events in Tech

Craig and Andy talk about current events in tech, including Paddle’s acquisition of ProfitWell and what else is going on in the bootstrapped versus enterprise world, economy, and ecosystem.  Andy views the acquisition/merger as the ProfitWell brand and team continuing to do what it has been doing, but what will happen to the leadership (i.e., … Read more

Managing Technical Debt

Craig and Andy talk about managing technical debt. Is more data needed? Do you need to be driven by metrics? What is possible versus realistic? Who do you need to make happy—your customers or your team members? Andy shares how a big release has been in quality assurance (QA) for about a month, which shows … Read more

Technology and Great Customer Service

Putting the focus back on human interaction. Suscipit taciti primis tempor sagittis euismod libero facilisi aptent elementum felis blandit cursus gravida sociis eleifend lectus nullam dapibus netus feugiat curae curabitur. Curae fringilla porttitor quam sollicitudin iaculis aptent leo ligula euismod dictumst penatibus mauris eros etiam praesent volutpat posuere. Metus fringilla ullamcorper odio aliquam lacinia conubia … Read more