Seeking Scale - Episodes


Craig and Andy talk about the peaks and valleys of seasons from a business perspective. They discuss the importance of being intentional and deliberate to make progress and remain profitable. After taking time to recharge, it’s time to get back to work. During the summer, Craig has been working less. Being intentional and taking microsteps … Read more

Balance and Hiring Updates

Craig and Andy talk about taking time off, finding ways to recharge, and balancing their well-being by hiring resources to grow and move their businesses forward. Craig had a difficult time finding and hiring a front-end developer. But he did make an offer to a female developer in Chile that was accepted. She will start … Read more

How and When We Do Strategic Planning

Craig and Andy talk about how and when they do strategic planning to grow their businesses. Craig tries to strike a balance between planning to strategically get work done. Although he tends to spend time planning and working, Craig needs to consistently relay and communicate strategic plans to make leaders and team members aware of … Read more

The Silver Bullet

Craig and Andy talk about creating alternative content to communicate with customers and community as the silver bullet to success. Make it meaningful and valuable. Andy embraces the MVP mentality to engage customers and offer support via office hours, FAQs, videos, documentation, and other content. Also, strategy sessions offer a deeper dive into specific subjects … Read more

Hiring for Sales

Craig and Andy talk about hiring for sales, support, and other roles. Dealing with what they don’t know involves hiring great people with the right strengths and skills.  Andy shares how business travel has made him fall behind on day-to-day work, but he is still able to oversee high-level progress. He is going to take … Read more

Meetings and Team Dynamics

Craig and Andy talk about meetings and team dynamics. When there’s so much going on, it’s difficult to gain clarity and be productive and effective.   Andy discusses how finding a rhythm for meetings helps to structure the company. It’s still a work in progress. Andy has brief stand-up to longer sit-down and detailed meetings with … Read more

Being A Better Manager

Out of office – what will break if or when you are away? Nobody wants to be a micromanager or be told what to do. Craig and Andy talk about how and what they plan to do to be better managers and lead their teams.  You know you’re getting older when you want to leave … Read more

Onboarding Updates

Craig and Andy talk about making progress by providing onboarding updates for new employees and customers.  Craig discusses improving the onboarding process and sequence for employees, which includes Sam, the new Head of Growth. He will start on Monday and brings senior-level experience generating revenue.   As for onboarding customers, Craig has had challenges. Once some … Read more


Craig and Andy talk about ways to build a community and drive engagement. Are their self-limiting beliefs holding back their businesses and resources from being successful and producing solid results? Things need to change to continue growing. What needs to change? Strategizing sales and marketing or products and services? Andy’s business has reached a revenue … Read more

Support vs. Success, and Monitoring Runway

Craig and Andy talk about the big picture of a content strategy for support and success. There’s a fine line between constantly creating content and making it simple for customers to find. It involves analytics, access, and ease of use.  Andy’s business is going well. There are ups and downs as always, but progress is … Read more