Seeking Scale - Episodes

Metrics Overload and Twitter Drama

Craig and Andy discuss a Twitter interaction that they had. Craig tweeted about wanting a tool that shows trials month-to-date and how it compares to the previous month. Andy wonders what he would do with that information. Andy thinks that it’s too much noise and that this might not be the best comparison to make, … Read more

Making Decisions With Incomplete Data

Craig says he’s been writing more, including starting a newsletter and working on his personal website. He’s interested in the intrinsic benefits of writing. Craig also wants to invest more in himself. Andy wonders if Craig writes much in general. He explains that he doesn’t journal, but when brainstorming, his default is to write it … Read more

The Box You’re In

Andy talks about the good traction they’ve had recently that’s starting to show now. They just shipped a big update and received a great reaction to it. It came together faster than similar things have in the past. Craig explains that Castos launched a free set of tools that’s starting to get traction now. Andy … Read more

Options When Scaling

Today Craig and Andy discuss how to think about options. Andy talks about making sure everything is ready for a large influx of new trials. They’re already up 140% over last month, and he says people are more likely to buy in mid-season. He talks about taking on too much and learning about prioritization as … Read more

Capital Efficiencies

Craig and Andy discuss the importance of prioritization and the importance of capital efficiency. Craig explains that Warren Buffet cites Apple as an example of a capital-efficient company and wonders about whether his company is a capital-efficient company. Andy says that often, people spend much of their time doing things that have no meaningful impact … Read more

Revisiting Cohesive Marketing

Does your marketing have a defined purpose, structure, or place in the funnel? If not, then you should not be doing it because it’s ineffective, creates noise and uncertainty for prospective customers. Craig and Andy revisit cohesive marketing.  There are stages that people go through to become a buyer. Andy has brainstormed and thought about … Read more

Time to Impact, Confidence, and Effort

Craig and Andy talk about learning to just say, ‘No.’ What is meaningful, matters most and what does not? Most likely, 20-50% of what you are doing are things that you should not be doing.  Craig shares how his company retreat went really well. They dedicated time to talk about and reflect on objectives and … Read more

Fitness, Finances, and Going Green

Craig and Andy talk about finances. But first, founders need to give themselves permission to do what they want to feel better and guarantee a great start to the workday because too often the afternoon falls apart. Craig wants to declare that he does not start work until 9 a.m. to drop his kids off … Read more

Coworker and Coaching Context

Craig and Andy talk about pre-planning versus figuring things out as they go. What’s driving what and how do you get there together to grow? After a weekend getaway to unwind, Andy is back to prep and quarterly planning before paternity leave. Focusing on the right things makes a big difference because it’s so easy … Read more

Deadlines and Details: It’s About to Get Real

Craig and Andy talk about the shift in mindset when it comes to taking time off from your business and getting others up to speed or being more productive and strategic as a founder to enable others to reach goals and be successful. Andy’s stress level steadily increases as the due date nears for the … Read more