Seeking Scale - Month: August 2022

Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy?

Andy and Craig talk about social media strategies for their respective brands—SaberSim and Castos—related to the HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Trends 2022 Report. Should they be doing more on social media? If yes, what and how? Is it worth it? People do not follow brands but individuals and influencers on social media.   Craig stresses … Read more

The Most Dangerous Movement In SaaS

Andy and Craig talk about product-led growth being the most dangerous movement in SaaS startups. To convert, a product needs to be built that is relevant to the intent of SEO for growth-led products that deliver on what’s promised.    Andy rants about a tweet on product-led growth companies building products that sell themselves. However, Andy … Read more

Effective Delegation

Andy and Craig talk about focusing on delegation, prioritization, and productivity. Based on feedback, a lot of stuff that people do is not really effective. What tools, books, and other resources do they recommend? Andy’s been busy leading up to and since the birth of his baby. He just can’t do everything at work and … Read more