Seeking Scale - Month: May 2022

Managing Technical Debt

Craig and Andy talk about managing technical debt. Is more data needed? Do you need to be driven by metrics? What is possible versus realistic? Who do you need to make happy—your customers or your team members? Andy shares how a big release has been in quality assurance (QA) for about a month, which shows … Read more

Refining the Hiring Process

Craig and Andy talk about refining the hiring process and lessons learned. Get prepared and things ready, but it’s still not going to be what you expect it to be. Andy and his wife are expecting a child. So, he is wondering how he’ll handle being a father and founder. He needs clearly defined processes … Read more

Product Feedback Loops

Craig and Andy talk about product feedback loops. What and who’s needed to get feedback sooner than later to be productive and build a product or add features/functionality? Craig announced that he decided to leave Bench and switch to GrowthLab Financial for bookkeeping services. Also, he has hired a new developer who will be starting … Read more

Life-Work Balance

Craig and Andy talk about finding a life-work balance. How do you separate the two, especially for those who work remotely? Working from home does not work for everyone. Sometimes, you want to work and be productive. Other times, you want to spend time with your family and friends doing something fun in the sun. … Read more