Seeking Scale - Month: December 2021

End of Year Reflections

Craig and Andy reflect on their professional and personal achievements in 2021 and prepare for more progress and growth in 2022. Craig talks about amazing 2021 accomplishments at Castos and gives an update on objectives and key results (OKRs) for the first quarter of next year. Things have to get done and/or delegated to measure … Read more

Prioritization in Marketing

Craig and Andy talk about prioritization in marketing and evaluating growth strategies. Where do opportunities exist—more website visits, customers, or trials?  Craig plans to focus on getting more customers by increasing the trial-to-paid conversion ratio to be more effective and valuable. Increasing prices is not the best option for upside potential. Also, Craig’s company has … Read more

OKRs on the Rocks, and Vacation

Craig and Andy talk about unplugging during vacations and putting objectives and key results (OKRs) on the rocks to manage goals. Their businesses are left in capable hands and they plan to hire even more help. Andy has returned to the office following his honeymoon. He unplugged for the most part and rarely checked Slack … Read more

Lessons Learned In Sales

Craig and Andy talk about lessons they have learned in sales. Andy has minimal sales experience, while Craig has a ton of experience and continues to learn from others.  Craig shares how 90 days have passed since his new account executives were onboarded. The salespeople learned foundational things since they came in to break things … Read more