Seeking Scale - Month: November 2021

Taking time away as a founder

Craig and Andy talk about preparing to take time off as founders of growing businesses. When getting ready for a vacation or holiday, they need to wrap up, hand off, and document responsibilities at work.  Andy knows he needs to get a lot of little things done before Thanksgiving and going on his honeymoon. Some … Read more

Are we building a company?

Craig and Andy talk about building real, scalable companies that are not dependent on them as founders. Considering what they do with their time on a day-to-day basis is critical to grow.    Craig discusses how Castos had a really strong last month for sales. Now, he understands why forecasting and pipelines are really important. Craig … Read more

EA, VA, COS, Oh my

Craig and Andy talk about executive assistants (EA), virtual assistants (VA), chief of staff (COS), and much more to get things delegated and done, oh my! Andy enjoyed gambling for work and taking a legitimate business expense for SaberSim at DraftKings – not all for not while living the dream. Also, Andy is working with … Read more

Poduct Led Growth

Craig thinks everyone spends too much time, money, and effort on their products. Even extremely bad products can be incredibly successful. So, should focus be put on hiring more salespeople, marketers, or developers? Craig recommends reading, Radical Focus.  Craig updates listeners on how the two new AEs at Castos are two months in and doing … Read more