Seeking Scale - Month: August 2021

Out with the Old, In with the New

Risks and Efforts vs. Results: Andy and Craig talk about sales onboarding tools and delegating task-level work.  According to Andy, it’s a forcing function to focus as football season starts and build winning lineups with SaberSim. When deadlines loom, he figures out and delegates what doesn’t matter or needs to get done right now. What … Read more

Partnerships, and Swag

Andy and Craig talk swag for team members, customers, and partners. What’s the purpose of it? Where and on whom should startups spend money to be successful? Craig shares how Castos created swag with a simple slogan in the form of T-shirts and hoodies for team members in the past using Printful. Also, he plans … Read more

Wide or Deep?

Craig and Andy talk about how the concept of deep versus wide can apply to every aspect of your life and business. Do you do a bunch of things? Does your app have lots of features and serve different types of people, or is it the best at one specific thing? Andy and Craig share … Read more


Craig and Andy talk about the peaks and valleys of seasons from a business perspective. They discuss the importance of being intentional and deliberate to make progress and remain profitable. After taking time to recharge, it’s time to get back to work. During the summer, Craig has been working less. Being intentional and taking microsteps … Read more