Seeking Scale - Month: April 2021

Do Fractional Teams Actually Work?

Craig and Andy talk about getting out of the day-to-day business a little bit more to take an actual vacation, not a workation where they are stuck in a hotel room working while their family is having fun on the beach. Craig and Andy know they have to build up a team to take on … Read more

Onboarding Experiments

Craig and Andy talk about experimenting with product marketing tools/apps to onboard and guide new hires and customers. It’s worthwhile, but takes time and money to try new ways to keep people engaged and enthusiastic.  Craig is feeling like a few more key people will round out things nicely at Castos, but the roles are … Read more

Investing In Growth

Andy and Craig talk about investing in growth by bringing on new hires because communication issues can get people stuck on something that doesn’t matter. Give them and yourself permission to make progress.  Andy is thinking about a new season of stress as the boys of summer return to play baseball. At the same time, … Read more