Seeking Scale - Month: February 2021

Hiring and Recruiting

Framework for Hiring: What did you do? What was the best/worst part? What did you learn? Why did you quit? Do your homework, think quickly, talk clearly, and be autonomous.  Craig and Andy talk about the hiring and recruiting process to add resources to their businesses. They value their time and your time. Stress never … Read more

Proactive Planning

Craig and Andy talk about not falling into the trap of thinking only about fundraising, but about building and growing a business.  Craig discusses different options to adding resources, including revenue-based financing, traditional loan, and equity. There isn’t a single best right or wrong, but easiest or hardest way.  Growing the company is all that … Read more

The 3 Jobs Of A CEO

Craig and Andy talk about moving from the maker to the manager. How do their priorities and responsibilities change? What are the things they want to keep doing, even if it’s not the best use of their time or skill set? How do they find and hire the best people?  The three jobs of a … Read more