Seeking Scale - Month: January 2021

Doing Marketing That Isn’t Worthless

Andy and Craig are optimistic about making marketing messaging worthwhile in 2021. Do fewer things that are effective to develop authority and make a positive impact.  Andy talks about projects in the pipeline that are starting to come together and move forward. However, he is still unsure of how to navigate the power of product … Read more

Plans for 2021

Craig and Andy strategize, seek clarity, and set goals for 2021: Hire, refocus priorities, and pivot toward specific areas and positions.  Craig continues to discuss fundraising, loans, and other financial options to accelerate growth and put resources toward the Castos business. Pretend you are big, before you are to scale.   Andy talks about how difficult … Read more

Delegating So We Can Prioritize

Sea of blue busyness—Craig and Andy talk about trying to get things done before the end of 2020 and the new year begins. Help wanted!  Craig is hiring a full-time executive assistant via Support Shepherd, an agency that finds top virtual assistants in the Philippines. Why? He needs to delegate to prioritize activities that he … Read more

Seeking Confidence and Clarity of Doing Things Differently

Craig talks about receiving an email pitch from a venture capital firm interested in raising money.  Always ask yourself: Do you want to be in a situation where you have a partner whose goal is for you to exit the company with as much money as possible, so they can get their return?  Craig’s personal … Read more