Seeking Scale - Month: December 2020

Revamp Design and Revisit User Experience

With the end of the year almost here, now is a good time for Craig and Andy to talk about what’s been done this year and what to look forward to next year when it comes to design and UX. Craig discusses how he is not so good at design, but better at UX. A … Read more

Big Buckets: Detailed Breakdown of What You Do

Craig talks about turnover at Castos. When somebody leaves, it’s a big deal. But it’s also an opportunity to learn and leverage what tasks to continue, stop, shift, and outsource.  Craig is getting sucked back into marketing. Do the things only you can do or the things that you can do best. Andy refers to … Read more

Around the World: People Seek Clarity on President Probability

Whether they got some rest or stayed up late to follow all the action, Craig and Andy talk about the recent U.S. Presidential Election.  Andy rants about his frustration with parts of politics, specifically presidential elections. The general public has a lack of understanding of how probabilities work.  Craig describes the night as information asymmetry, … Read more

Make or Break: Successful Staff and Sales Strategies

Craig discusses how he divides his maker vs. manager roles and responsibilities at Castos to create a successful staff and sales funnel strategies. Do what gives you energy and adds value.  At HubStaff and Groove, Andy had a foundational team create evergreen marketing content that served ideal customers and helped with conversions. Even though Andy’s … Read more