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Seeking Scale
Seeking Scale
Options When Scaling

Today Craig and Andy discuss how to think about options. Andy talks about making sure everything is ready for a large influx of new trials. They’re already up 140% over last month, and he says people are more likely to buy in mid-season. He talks about taking on too much and learning about prioritization as a result. He says the jump in trials is a bigger jump than previously, and he’s trying to parse out what that means. 

Craig Talks about a thread on Twitter from Joel from Buffer. Craig says he’s realizing that if you get away from what got you there, you’re taking a risk because you’re reinventing the company to a degree, and he thinks that’s what his company has tried to do in the past year. An individual customer may be higher paying but attracting and retaining a lot of those customers may be less effective than serving a lot of smaller customers. 

Andy points out that the things that work are more likely to continue working than things that haven’t worked. Craig and Andy talk about the niche of work that involves helping people make more money. Andy points out that a lot of these companies are focused on helping make their first dollar instead of going after something larger. Craig explains that it was liberating to explore the possibility of pivoting to other things, but ultimately decided that his company was a podcasting company and would stay that way. He explains that you shouldn’t do different stuff just because times are hard.