page title icon Making Decisions With Incomplete Data

Seeking Scale
Seeking Scale
Making Decisions With Incomplete Data

Craig says he’s been writing more, including starting a newsletter and working on his personal website. He’s interested in the intrinsic benefits of writing. Craig also wants to invest more in himself. Andy wonders if Craig writes much in general. He explains that he doesn’t journal, but when brainstorming, his default is to write it down. 

Andy mentions a tweet from James Agate about how a lot of his software partners are removing pricing details from websites and how that impacts conversions. He explains why “contact us for pricing” is so irritating to some people. He goes on to describe the two categories of potential buyers and why the sole decision maker is unlikely to be a buyer in this situation. 

Craig says that it’s apropos that they’re talking about this because he thinks the incomplete, in-process thoughts they share are more useful than the polished ones found elsewhere. Craig can see good reasons for not having pricing, including the flexibility to just sell different stuff. Craig also says it probably has a lot to do with the company understanding what kind of customer it wants to have. Andy and Craig discuss metrics, how they can tell you if something is a success or not, and when you don’t need exact numbers.