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Seeking Scale
Seeking Scale
Hiring and Recruiting

Framework for Hiring: What did you do? What was the best/worst part? What did you learn? Why did you quit? Do your homework, think quickly, talk clearly, and be autonomous. 

Craig and Andy talk about the hiring and recruiting process to add resources to their businesses. They value their time and your time. Stress never subsides. There is an Upside.

Craig tends to follow the same process for different roles. He uses We Work Remotely and Dynamite Jobs by starting with a test question for applicants. Then, Craig screens and interviews applicants by following the book, Who: The A Method for Hiring.   

Andy agrees with Craig that honest and more candid answers should come from applicants during the interview process. Also, Andy has accepted that the path forward for his business to continue growing is to build out the team around him, so that he can grow into a true CEO role.