August 09, 2021


Wide or Deep?

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Wide or Deep?
Seeking Scale
Wide or Deep?

Aug 09 2021 | 00:36:59


Show Notes

Craig and Andy talk about how the concept of deep versus wide can apply to every aspect of your life and business. Do you do a bunch of things? Does your app have lots of features and serve different types of people, or is it the best at one specific thing?

Andy and Craig share different perspectives when it comes to products and marketing challenges. Craig covers the wide side with Castos doing everything, while Andy focuses deeply on doing, executing, and sticking with one thing. 

Andy wants to take Sabersim wider, too. It’s getting ready for football by locking in a team, capitalizing on maintaining the team if revenue stays the same, and planning for significant growth. Andy is ambitious and wants to grow quickly, but doesn’t deal well with the stress of it. 

Craig enjoys working a solid six hours a day and taking more time to spend with his family. He doesn’t feel guilty, but good about that balance. He describes raising money and hiring people as expanded focus with more ability to focus and more things to focus on to be successful.

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