March 29, 2022


Considerations of founders' time value

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Craig Hewitt Andy Baldacci
Considerations of founders' time value
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Considerations of founders' time value

Mar 29 2022 | 00:25:54


Show Notes

Founders often feel the pressure to be a CEO by offloading tasks to focus their time on higher-value or higher-leverage items. Craig and Andy talk about considerations of founders’ time value.        

Craig has realized that being a founder should mean that he optimizes for what he wants to do.  because founders should do exactly what they want to do⁠—whether it’s the most impactful things or simply pushing a button several times a day. If he hires someone to do what he hates to do, then he will have time to make good decisions and work effectively.

Andy prefers finding and keeping a balance in mind as a founder. He may miserably dive deep into product projects or create a clearer path to enjoy the process. When something is good enough, but really isn’t, he knows that he just doesn’t want to do or deal with it. Then, he can get back to what he really wants to do as a founder to make progress and add value. 

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