Seeking Scale - Episodes

Effective Resource Allocation

With a seemingly never ending list of things to do and “important” priorities competing for our attention the question is: What comes next Whether it’s to hire a new team member, focus on a particular marketing initiative, or even where to spend the working hours of your day. Often times even doing nothing and eliminating … Read more

A Professional Gambler’s Approach To Risk

Craig and Andy recorded this episode the day after the U.S. elections. With the decision still in the balance they thought it appropriate to talk through how we can make decisions in the face of uncertainty or incomplete information. Craig and Andy also discuss the importance of making rational, objective decisions, especially when those around … Read more

When And How To Hire

In this episode Andy and Craig talk about the decision making process of when to hire additional team members. Whether that’s to the development team, support specialists, or in other business functions that we don’t excel. This is a decision (and balance) from a cashflow perspective too…especially for those businesses who have been profitable in … Read more

A Framework For Engineering Growth

In this episode Andy and Craig talk through how they think about marketing, engineering growth, and how these efforts fit into the rest of the business efforts for them as non-technical founders. This balance between product and growth is something that is always a give and take relationship. But the “just do marketing” adage is … Read more

Prioritization: Urgent vs. Important

In this episode Andy and Craig talk through the constant balance of prioritizing competing initiatives in the business. Determining what is Important, what is Urgent, and what isn’t either is key in moving the business forward in a meaningful way. In addition to prioritizing how we spend resources: time, energy, money, and mental space Craig … Read more

Managing A Development Team As Non-Technical Founders

In this second episode Andy and Craig talk through the process of running a development process, working with their development teams, and all of the challenges that come from those two things as non-technical founders. Whether it’s working towards a Shape Up type of methodology or just putting out fires in an organized manner both … Read more

A Quick Intro

In this introductory episode Andy and Craig give some backgrounds on their businesses, and current challenges they’re working on overcoming. Andy Baldacci runs SaberSim, a SaaS application that helps customers play better daily fantasy sports. Andy and his partners acquired the company just over a year ago and since that time have seen impressive growth. … Read more