Seeking Scale - Month: October 2022

Product 201 – Feature Deep Dives

Andy says he’s feeling a little manic and running on a lot of caffeine. Craig says that things are looking better from where he is. Trials are up in the last few months, and sales are up as well. This is due to some changes that are starting to pay off. Craig and Andy discuss … Read more

Making Decisions With Incomplete Data

Craig says he’s been writing more, including starting a newsletter and working on his personal website. He’s interested in the intrinsic benefits of writing. Craig also wants to invest more in himself. Andy wonders if Craig writes much in general. He explains that he doesn’t journal, but when brainstorming, his default is to write it … Read more

The Box You’re In

Andy talks about the good traction they’ve had recently that’s starting to show now. They just shipped a big update and received a great reaction to it. It came together faster than similar things have in the past. Craig explains that Castos launched a free set of tools that’s starting to get traction now. Andy … Read more