Seeking Scale - Month: April 2022

MicroConf Recap and Productivity

Craig and Andy attended MicroConf and provide a recap. Both left the conference feeling energized, full of ideas, and with a purpose to grow and scale. Whether it’s selling, buying, or making an impact through ClickFunnels, community, HubSpot, or Freshdesk, they want to be more effective, productive, and successful.   Craig enjoyed being around like-minded people … Read more

Quarterly Goal Setting

Craig and Andy talk about quarterly goal setting, shifting objectives and key results (OKRs), and attending conferences to learn some stuff, be inspired, and reconnect with friends/colleagues.   Andy is preparing for MicroConf (April 3-5). Even though it corresponds to the opening day of baseball season, he is not needed as much at SaberSim. By following … Read more

Cohesive Marketing

Craig and Andy talk about cohesive marketing as a challenge to rank higher and convert customers. What can go wrong, right, and areas of improvement? Be opinionated, helpful, logical, and think about the purpose of each piece of content by being intentional and targeting the ideal customer. Craig’s company has optimized SEO and content marketing … Read more

Considerations of founders’ time value

Founders often feel the pressure to be a CEO by offloading tasks to focus their time on higher-value or higher-leverage items. Craig and Andy talk about considerations of founders’ time value.         Craig has realized that being a founder should mean that he optimizes for what he wants to do.  because founders should do exactly what … Read more