Seeking Scale - Month: February 2022

Reducing Uncertainty

Craig and Andy talk about reducing uncertainty by implementing and integrating objectives and key results (OKRs), key performance indicators (KPIs), and entrepreneurial operating systems (EOS) for businesses. A healthy work/life balance is a goal that makes for happy employees.         Andy is making steps toward better organization, process, and possibly following the EOS methodology. Performance goals … Read more

Increasing Certainty

Craig and Andy talk about increasing certainty by checking the objectives and key results (OKRs) process. There should never be any surprises, exceptions, or clarifications. A single source of truth makes a business run smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.    Andy discusses how processes need to be put in place to handle pain points as a … Read more

Base Hits vs. Grand Slams

Craig and Andy talk about base hits and grand slams of product strategy decisions. How can improvements be made to priorities and productivity to make an impact and get results?    Craig is trying to be a more vocal and present founder by making daily posts about fundraising, bookkeeping, cash runway, and sales information via Castos … Read more