Seeking Scale - Month: January 2022

Admin, Part Deux

Craig and Andy continue their discussion about administrative roles, responsibilities, tasks, and software as a service (SaaS) tools to make better product processes, priorities, and decisions.  Craig thanks listeners who helped with compliance and state filings. He onboarded with MainStreet to get tax credits. Also, Craig is outgrowing Bench Accounting. His accountant’s recommendation—go from cash-based … Read more

Admin Without The Headaches

Craig and Andy talk about admin things – from bookkeeping to payroll and tax compliance. These business operations and functions may be boring to some but necessary for all.  Andy sometimes got stuck because he did not know what or how to perform specific admin tasks. He started with Gusto but switched Mosey to Justworks … Read more

When things go wrong

When things go wrong in their business, how do Craig and Andy respond? For what it’s worth, they need to know what to worry about and how to communicate to offer guidance and protect customers’ time, money, and data. After rolling out objectives and key results (OKRs) at Castos, Craig shares how job functions, responsibilities, … Read more

Vacation Retro

Craig and Andy reflect on the holidays and taking vacation time away from their businesses. Did you miss them? What happened? Did work still get done and was progress made?  Craig wonders what is the point of him in his business? He is finally giving himself permission to do what he wants to do in … Read more