Seeking Scale - Month: July 2021

Balance and Hiring Updates

Craig and Andy talk about taking time off, finding ways to recharge, and balancing their well-being by hiring resources to grow and move their businesses forward. Craig had a difficult time finding and hiring a front-end developer. But he did make an offer to a female developer in Chile that was accepted. She will start … Read more

How and When We Do Strategic Planning

Craig and Andy talk about how and when they do strategic planning to grow their businesses. Craig tries to strike a balance between planning to strategically get work done. Although he tends to spend time planning and working, Craig needs to consistently relay and communicate strategic plans to make leaders and team members aware of … Read more

The Silver Bullet

Craig and Andy talk about creating alternative content to communicate with customers and community as the silver bullet to success. Make it meaningful and valuable. Andy embraces the MVP mentality to engage customers and offer support via office hours, FAQs, videos, documentation, and other content. Also, strategy sessions offer a deeper dive into specific subjects … Read more

Castos’ Funding Round

In this episode, Andy and Craig talk about the recent fundraising round that Craig closed at Castos. There are lots of lessons learned in the fundraising process, and now that the round is closed Andy and Craig explore how Castos will put these new financial resources to work. In this episode Andy and Craig talk … Read more